Innovative products that make your life better.

We all know how much low pressure flimsy showerheads suck

"Revolutionize your showering experience"

Goefficiency High Pressure Duo Mode showerhead delivers high pressure water that massages you, and the other side can turn into mist to aromatize/nourish your skin. You can also add essential oil/showergel inside the showerhead for an unbeatable spa like experience.

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Goefficiency Spa Aroma ShowerHead

High Pressured Showerhead

Be creative! Add shower Gel/milk tablets/essential oil to make your showering experience unforgettable.

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Environmentally friendly indoor fireplace

Safe, heatless artificial fire flame that can transform your room/office. Elevate your indoor experiences with flame and aroma.

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Bring magic to your home

Goefficiency flame huimidifier

Portable humidifier, fire place, bedroom light, and humidifier all in one

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Why choose Goefficiency?

Innovative products that make your life better

CE, FCC, UL certified

One year global warranty

US based support

30 days return, satisfaction guaranteed

Easy to use

BPA Free

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