It was 2019, and I had just graduated from college. I had gotten a job at a bank but was much more interested in starting my own business. Like any other budding entrepreneur that still needed a paycheck, I decided to use my time after work to get my start-up off the ground.

But I didn’t.

I almost immediately got in the habit of “unwinding” after work by scrolling through social media. This turned into binge-watching YouTube videos, and other time-sucking activities. Upon analyzing my schedule, I eventually realized that I was spending a whopping SEVEN HOURS a day on my smartphone.

No wonder I wasn’t making any progress on my start-up!

To make matters worse, the excessive screen time was negatively impacting my sleep and my health. Even in bed, I would find myself playing games or surfing the internet.

Obviously, I needed to cut the time I spend on these devices down, but I wasn’t sure how to do it.

I started by installing apps that tracked my screen time, but I ultimately deleted them or simply ignored the notifications. I then tried switching the phone to black and white mode, but I end up turning it back every time. It seemed that no matter what “hack” I tried, I couldn’t stop myself from feeding my addiction.

Then one day, I randomly came across a peculiar device. It was a small tie lock designed to attach to handcuffs used by role-playing couples (Yes, really!). Though I hardly expected inspiration to strike me at that moment – it did! I immediately realized that such a device might be capable of finally countering my phone addiction.

However, as with any idea – there were issues.

For instance, how would users answer important calls? What if they forgot to turn down the volume before they started the timer, and it went off in public? However, I soon came up with satisfactory solutions. The case would be transparent and contain slots that would allow users to pick up calls as needed, but they’d be blocked from mindless surfing.

Suddenly, I had the start-up I’d been looking for all along, and it was born out of the phone addiction that was preventing me from working on it in the first place! It just goes to show you: Never give up, if you have really tried everything under the sun, you will find the solution to every problem.